I am accepting Canine Massage appointments to be performed in your house with proper precautions.
I am not offering Dogz Agility classes, but am happy to offer behavioral assistance via email or phone.
I am offering limited pet walking and house sitting services; and continue to bake delicious Liver Birthday Cakes.
Thank you!
deb & river

Long time client Neka, now 14 years young,
receiving her Canine Massage Session 8-25-2020
Photo courtesy of her person, Sara an amazing Puppy Mom

4TheLuvOfDogz specializes in Mobile Canine Massage , Beginner Agility Training, Dog Nanny Services.  and K9 Birthday Cakes & Treats.  Canine massage is offered at your home where your dog is comfortable, while at your Vet's and while your dog is in doggie daycare or at the doggie hotel for overnights.  Agility training is on Hold for Winter, and Petz Nanny services including Dog Walking and Overnight House sitting are available year round.


"We met you in January '09 at Broadway Animal Hospital (Lee and Patrick) and we had with us, Dorothy, the almost 7 year old French Bull dog.  You gave her a wonderful treatment and a consultation for us with some recommendations.  We followed your advice and we are now buying her food and supplements at Only Natural Pet store.  She seems healthier than she's ever been with no UT infections and no limping of the hind quarters.  We love her dearly and can't thank you enough for your guidance and care.  Many thanks."

2010..." Our Dorothy is doing very well; especially after seeing the lady vets you recommended; and then went to Colorado State University to see a skin specialist.  All this and Dorothy's Cushing's is completely under control with Trilostane and thyroid meds.  Her energy and personality have returned.  We're very grateful to you for your support."
Jean, David and Dorothy Hardwicke

“Deb was awesome! Peekay loved his massage - many dogs I witnessed after their massages were sleepy and calm, but
Peekay was playful and seemed completely rejuvenated.”
Michelle Kephart & Peekay
Broadway Animal Hospital

“This was a great experience for Myles and myself. He really enjoyed each massage and I noticed a difference in the way he carried himself. I believe that giving him regular massages will really help him as he ages.”
Tara Green & Myles

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Deb D'Andrea, CCMT with Talisker & Tiki

"Deb is awesome. She has a passion for dogs & canine massage, and it definitely shows! I did not know much about the topic and it was wonderful to hear Deb explain it so well. It was also awesome to see how she performed the massage to her dog. AMAZING!”
Marcela Solar - Attendee
Canine Massage Presentation
Coal Creek Rotary Club

4TheLuvOfDogz Deb D'Andrea Voted
Best of Boulder 2012 for Pet Training!

Deb D'Andrea, CCMT
Deb is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist from both the
Boulder College of Massage Therapy and
Colorado State University

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