AGILITY CLASSES on HOLD for the Winter/Spring 2023
Please email for updated information

 Where everyone has fun!

*Testimonial from Claudia...
“I am a recent convert to agility class. I was really not too sure what to do about training my 8 month old, overly enthusiastic, puppy. Agility class is giving us a great forum to train each other while having a tremendous amount of fun. And Deb does a great job of supporting the learning process in a caring way that’s adapted to each dog and their needs. I cannot recommend Deb’s agility classes highly enough.”
Claudia Batten & Rugby

Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in the USA!

Agility provides you with a unique way to bond with your puppy, while providing an amazing energy outlet which requires them (and you) to think and problem solve.  The foundations learned in agility enable you and your puppy to enjoy a lifetime bond and communicate on a higher level.  Whether you continue on to compete or enjoy running the course for fun, agility is a fantastic sport!

*Testimonial from Linda...
"Thanks to you, my foundation has been really great, keeping it fun for both myself and Mejgan.  Your classes have been really great and we've enjoyed them so much!"
Linda Bell & Mejgan

I will be offering several classes for puppies between 6 and 12 months old and classes for adult dogs at least twelve months old or older and are dog & people friendly.  Dogs should know how to perform basic commands, such as sit, down, stay and come.  Of course, we understand no one is perfect!

The classes will focus on learning the individual obstacles and the rules of the game, and is for dogs who have never taken or have taken agility classes before.  Classes will be held in an outside, fully fenced, agility field.  In case of bad weather, class will be extended out a week to make up the missed class.  What to bring will be emailed after you sign up for your agility class.

If you are interested in attending, contact me
Classes are limited to six participants, and additional classes will be added based upon response.

How I was hooked on agility...
iki and I have been practicing agility since she was four months old, and trained with Laura Dolan while we lived in Boston.  Laura is a fantastic instructor, a great communicator, and a wonderful friend.  She inspired me to continue working with Tiki upon moving to Boulder.

Email for more information or if you have questions

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